Friday, December 22, 2006

Marshmallows and Snowman Droppings

Earlier this week, a coworker gave me a small baggie of marshmallows along with a note inside saying that I had been naughty and that all I was getting for Christmas is snowman poop. AJ had never had marshmallows before (to my knowledge), so I offered him some "snowman poop". He thought it was absolutely fabulous and wanted some more. When Daddy came into the room, AJ was standing in the kitchen, pointing at the counter, and asking "more poop?"

After picking up Daddy and explaining about the snowman droppings, he decided it would probably be best to teach AJ to say "marshmallow" instead. We could just see him at school asking for more poop to eat. They would call CPS on us, and it would just get really ugly...totally not worth it.

We ask for "mallows" now, but was I so wrong for letting him use a word he already knew?

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all. Now go enjoy a nice handful of snowman poop!

1 comment:

Jenny said...

Ha! *snort* "More poop."

Love it!