Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday


Friday, April 25, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes

Things seen and overheard recently:

On the way to take Hubby to the airport to leave town on a medical emergency, we were listening to KSBJ on the radio and singing along. I looked in the rearview mirror and saw AJ sitting in his carseat, head bowed, eyes closed, and holding up his "prayer hands"...and he seems to always be making up songs. Usually I can't understand anything that he is singing except "worship you"..."Jesus"..."love you God", etc.

(As we were pulling into the church parking lot)
AJ: "Mommy, are we gonna go to church and sing and praise Jesus?"

A couple of weeks ago, our choir director's three-year-old son brought his guitar to church so he could show it to the guys in the church band. After the service, we started looking for him and AJ. We found the two of them on the stage..."JM" was playing his guitar... AJ was holding a microphone and singing... both of them were dancing. They were completely oblivious to everyone else watching them from the back of the sanctuary. Unfortunately, no one had a camera with them to catch the moment.

(Mommy and AJ are reading a book about bugs and animals.)
AJ: "What's that?"
Me: "That's a dragonfly."
AJ: "I eat those."
Me: "Oh really! What do dragonflies taste like?"
AJ: "Tastes like chicken."
(NOTE: I then had to go pick Daddy up off the floor...)

(On the way to the car one afternoon, AJ got distracted and started dawdling...)
Daddy (yelling across the parking lot): "Come on, son! Move your tail!"
AJ (stops, looks behind him, and yells back): "Daddy, I don't have a tail. I got a BUTT!"

(This morning. From the back seat, 6:00am on the way to school)
AJ: "One Sunday morning, Thomas the Tank Engine got bigger. He went faster and faster over the mountains and went to his house."
(A block later...)
AJ: "Bunny rabbit...hairy...hairy...big...big hairy bunny rabbits."
Hubby (mumbling from the front seat: "at least it's rabbits and not spiders."
AJ: "Spiders. The big hairy spider had some food and went to bed."
(Apparently AJ has better hearing that Hubby may have suspected...)
Hubby: "You're checking the bed before I get in it tonight."

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

But wouldn't a car seat be a little safer?

Saturday, April 05, 2008

AJ's Story and Premature Babies

This is a video montage that we put together in 2005 on the occassion of AJ's dedication at our Church, New Zion Christian Church.

We were recently reminded of this video and the statistics that are seen at the beginning of it. Indeed, these statistics are sobering; however, in the three years since we gathered these statistics the number have only gotten worse.

This video demonstrates the miracles in the early stages of AJ's life. It is also a testament to the power of prayer.

The reason I have decided to share this video again is that I am continuing to try and drive interest in the epidemic of premature births in preparation of the March of Dimes' March for Babies campaign.

The March of Dimes is spearheading the fight against premature birth and its effects on these small miracles. I shudder to think where AJ might be without the vital research that was funded by the March of Dimes.

Please consider helping these babies by either joining Team AJ in this year's March for Babies or by sponsoring Team AJ.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

In honor of the opening week of baseball season....

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Learning To Read and Voting

Featuring special guest blogger, AJ's Dad!!!

Yesterday morning was a daddy / son bonding morning (kind of). AJ had a miserable and restless night Sunday night and based on the thick, icky, green gunk coming out of his nose I was pretty sure that AJ needed to go see the doctor.

A visit to the doctor's office confirmed that AJ had a sinus infection.

Nevertheless, he was not contagious and off to school he went. Which he was happy about because he got to go play with all his friends.

So when I went to go pick him up from school he was in a really good mood and very hyper (Ahh, toddlers strung out on decongestants!). I herded him into the van and we began to make our way home. We had to stop at a traffic light at the corner of the street that his daycare is on.

AJ immediately got excited and began pointing to the field to the left saying, "Look, Daddy! Look! See that over there!?".

I looked over to the left and saw nothing but an empty field and replied, "No, AJ. What are you looking at?"

"That sign over there, Daddy! It says, 'Go to school'!"

I looked again and to my amazement was a sign kind of behind the multitude of signs for the various builders in there area. It wasn't extremely visible but it was there. And the sign was emblazoned with the name of AJ's daycare with an arrow pointing the way.

Ok, so it didn't really say "Go to school" but it had the name of the school and pointed in the right direction so I'm giving AJ credit for this one. He passed his first reading test.

On another note. Yesterday was the first day to early vote in the Primary Runoffs. After leaving the doctor's office I stopped at the early voting polling place to cast my ballot. AJ went in with me asking the whole time, "What we gonna' do, Daddy?"

"We are going to vote, son"


So I get signed in and go to a voting booth. I picked up AJ so he could watch what I was doing as I dialed in my selections. Then when I was finished I let AJ push the 'Cast Ballot' button. AJ has now cast his first ballot. At the risk of getting too political here I am extremely proud to report that my son has grown up to be a Republican!!

In the van a very proud AJ kept repeating, "We voted! We voted!"

I'm so proud of that little boy!!