Friday, April 25, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes

Things seen and overheard recently:

On the way to take Hubby to the airport to leave town on a medical emergency, we were listening to KSBJ on the radio and singing along. I looked in the rearview mirror and saw AJ sitting in his carseat, head bowed, eyes closed, and holding up his "prayer hands"...and he seems to always be making up songs. Usually I can't understand anything that he is singing except "worship you"..."Jesus"..."love you God", etc.

(As we were pulling into the church parking lot)
AJ: "Mommy, are we gonna go to church and sing and praise Jesus?"

A couple of weeks ago, our choir director's three-year-old son brought his guitar to church so he could show it to the guys in the church band. After the service, we started looking for him and AJ. We found the two of them on the stage..."JM" was playing his guitar... AJ was holding a microphone and singing... both of them were dancing. They were completely oblivious to everyone else watching them from the back of the sanctuary. Unfortunately, no one had a camera with them to catch the moment.

(Mommy and AJ are reading a book about bugs and animals.)
AJ: "What's that?"
Me: "That's a dragonfly."
AJ: "I eat those."
Me: "Oh really! What do dragonflies taste like?"
AJ: "Tastes like chicken."
(NOTE: I then had to go pick Daddy up off the floor...)

(On the way to the car one afternoon, AJ got distracted and started dawdling...)
Daddy (yelling across the parking lot): "Come on, son! Move your tail!"
AJ (stops, looks behind him, and yells back): "Daddy, I don't have a tail. I got a BUTT!"

(This morning. From the back seat, 6:00am on the way to school)
AJ: "One Sunday morning, Thomas the Tank Engine got bigger. He went faster and faster over the mountains and went to his house."
(A block later...)
AJ: "Bunny rabbit...hairy...hairy...big...big hairy bunny rabbits."
Hubby (mumbling from the front seat: "at least it's rabbits and not spiders."
AJ: "Spiders. The big hairy spider had some food and went to bed."
(Apparently AJ has better hearing that Hubby may have suspected...)
Hubby: "You're checking the bed before I get in it tonight."


nikki said...

Dragonflies totally taste like chicken.

KimboSue said...

our husbands are both afraid of spiders? oh brother!

Nicki ~ Babysteps said...

Hazel says "butt," too. A lot. And I laugh every time.