Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's Wednesday Again!

So much for Wordless Wednesday. I didn't even realize until a few moments ago that it was even Wednesday already.

I was gone Wednesday through Friday of last week attending a convention in Las Vegas. LOTS of walking and 106 degree heat.

The weekend was a bit of organized chaos that included shampooing the carpet in three rooms, shampooing the carpet in both vehicles, and a trip Sunday evening to the Emergency Room.

We will be leaving on a mini-vacation tomorrow, so this Wednesday will be filled with packing and last minute errands. Then it's off to Louisiana for food and sightseeing...we'll be back on Monday evening.

Monday, June 23, 2008


AJ was very cuddly yesterday because he didn't feel well. He kept grabbing at his forehead and the back of his neck and crying. During one of his better moments, he touched the top of his head and said, "Mommy, what's that?" I replied, "That's your head."

Then he touched the front and asked again, "Then what's that?"

I replied, "That's your forehead."

His next question?

"Mommy, why I have four heads?"

Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Dad: The Hero

My parents' next door neighbor is caring for her twenty-something son who has been a quadriplegic for only a couple of years. He operates his wheelchair with a "blow tube" and has become pretty independent. About a week ago, "J" got a little bored and decided to go over to my parents' property to sit by the pond and watch the ducks. We're not completely sure what happened, but "J" ended up going over the edge of the bank and down into the water - face first! Being strapped to his wheelchair meant that even the water could not float him free.

My father happened to go outside and heard the cries for help. All he could see was "J"s face in the water. Dad ran across the yard and into the water. He managed to get "J" unstrapped from his wheelchair, and dragged him up onto the bank. Then Dad hurried to my aunt's house nearby and had her call 911.

(A little background on my father: He turned 71 years old the day after the incident and has survived multiple heart attacks over the past 30 years...the exertion in the water and trying to make it to my aunt's house naturally got him VERY winded and out of breath. My aunt's immediate reaction was that Dad was having another heart attack.)

Anyway, my aunt called 911 and the fire trucks and ambulances soon arrived to check everyone out. My poor mother arrived home from work to find her driveway filled with emergency can imagine her gut reaction...

Everyone seems to be okay. But we thank God that my Dad came outside in time to help. And that's just what he usually does - help others. He's been a great example to me and now to AJ.

Happy Father's Day, Daddy! We love you and are very proud of you!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Monday, June 02, 2008

More words of wisdom - AJ style

"Phones don't go in cars. Phones are for doctors; they're not for little kids' parents."

"Mars have bocanos (volcanoes). Bocanos are very hot."

While waiting at a downtown bus stop...
AJ: "There's our bus!"
Daddy: "Nope. That one says U.S. Marshalls on it. Definitely NOT our bus."
AJ: "There's our bus!"
Daddy: "Nope. That's a beer truck."
AJ: "I wanna ride the beer truck."
Daddy: "You can't ride the beer truck, son."
AJ: "Why?"

Yes, we have officially entered the dreaded "why" zone! According to the developmental charts, the "why" stage starts at around 4 years old. Leave it to MY kid to find that one to be advanced in....I think it would make me less insane if he believed me when I told him "I don't know". But he argues with me, convinced that I must be holding out on him. If I just make something up, he tells me I'm wrong, and tells me what HIS version is.

I just can't win...