Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's Wednesday Again!

So much for Wordless Wednesday. I didn't even realize until a few moments ago that it was even Wednesday already.

I was gone Wednesday through Friday of last week attending a convention in Las Vegas. LOTS of walking and 106 degree heat.

The weekend was a bit of organized chaos that included shampooing the carpet in three rooms, shampooing the carpet in both vehicles, and a trip Sunday evening to the Emergency Room.

We will be leaving on a mini-vacation tomorrow, so this Wednesday will be filled with packing and last minute errands. Then it's off to Louisiana for food and sightseeing...we'll be back on Monday evening.

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Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, I hope everything was ok with the emergency room. Don't remind me of the Vegas heat, we are headed there next week. Hope you have a great time Louisiana! xoxo Nicole