Thursday, August 31, 2006

Peaceful Sleep

I'm afraid this next bit may make me sound a little insane.

Last night we went to check on AJ before we went to sleep. Looking at him lying there so peaceful and small actually brought tears to my eyes. Maybe it's everything that we've gone through with him.....maybe he's growing up too fast....maybe I miss that little tiny dependent miracle baby.....or maybe I'm just crazy and sleep deprived......

Monday, August 28, 2006

Paper Clips

I always knew someday having a paper clip around would come in handy. AJ locked himself in the master bathroom on Saturday. I never dreamed he would have already figured out how to twist the lock on the doorknob. I was cleaning house and heard Daddy calling from the bedroom that we had a problem. He couldn't figure out how we were going to get AJ out of a locked room with no windows. Luckily, I remembered that you could poke a straightened paper clip into the small hole in the door knob to release the lock.

Found a paper clip and went back to the door. AJ was knocking on the door from the inside and having a great time. The paper clip worked, and AJ was released from his "cage" -- none the wiser.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Paying Attention in Class

Apparently my son has an eye for the ladies. His teacher told us yesterday that AJ and one of his little girlfriends are not allowed to sit next to each other during circle time anymore. They spend all of their time playing with each other and not paying attention. This is the same little girl who shares her donut holes with him at breakfast and used to hold hands with him during breakfast in their previous class together. Aaahhhhh....young love......

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tales of Nerd Boy

With the parents that AJ has, I fear he is doomed to become a little nerd boy. He already spends a lot of time "reading" books or having them read to him. And although his adjusted age is only 19 months, his problem-solving skills tested at 22 months. Apparently he has a knack for puzzles.

Anyway, I got an email from Dad a couple of weeks ago declaring that nerd boy had returned. He had logged into the daycare class to watch -- while all of the other children were running everywhere playing, AJ was in the back corner sitting on the floor reading a book.

When I logged in, the classroom was empty. They had either gone outside to play, or AJ was having them create a diversion while he plotted their escape!

You decide --- nerd boy or genius?!

Self Recognition

AJ now loves to look at pictures of himself. He will wander through the house, see a picture, then stop, point and yell "AJ!" with a big grin on his face.

In his classroom at school, they have posted photo collages of all of the kids. When I went to pick him up the other day, he was standing in front of his collage and kissing it. A couple of his little girlfriends came up to look and he just pushed them aside and said "MINE!".

I don't know whether to be concerned about this or not.... :)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Feeding the Kitty

AJ is becoming quite the little helper. The other day he decided he wanted to feed the cat. A little background on the cat -- she doesn't know she's a cat, and she doesn't like people. She doesn't even particularly want to be in the same room with AJ. He, on the other hand, is completely fascinated with the cat.

He opened the cabinet where we keep all the cat stuff. Took out a couple of bowls and lined them up on the floor. Then he grabbed a can of food and placed it (can and all) into the bowl. Then into the living room where he held a very animated conversation with the cat lounging on the back of the couch.

When the cat ignored him (as cats are often wont to do...) he came back into the kitchen, picked up a can of food and took it with him. I found him standing next to the couch holding up the can of food to the kitty.

Another quick AJ/Kitty story:
A couple of days later, Daddy and kitty were playing with a straw. They tired of the game, and the straw was laid down....somewhere....Next thing we know, AJ is chasing the cat while waving the straw at her.

Favorite Sayings

I read a hilarious blog entry yesterday about some of the most common phrases said in the toddler household. These are too funny. It seems I spend all of my time telling AJ to "put it down", "get down", and "be careful". The ladies who author that blog are quickly becoming my daily pick-me-up!

Monday, August 21, 2006

My little Myna Bird

AJ is really mimicing everything now. He has a little stuffed bear that wears pajamas and is laying on a pillow. When you push a button, the bear says a little goodnight prayer and begins to snore. My husband and I fell out laughing last week when AJ started saying AMEN about halfway through the prayer and started making snoring noises. It was just too cute.

He already sings along with my husband's cell phone ring tone. The phone plays the theme to "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly". When AJ hears the "doodle loodle loo..." he sings "wah, wah, wah".

Last night I swear he was trying to sing the alphabet song along with one of his toys. Keep in mind... this is a child who only says a few words now and then. I just know any day now, he's going to start a full-blown conversation with us...

I'm sure this is all normal and boring for other people, but hey, gimme a break, this is my first kid! :)

How I got here...

My son AJ was born at only 26 weeks gestation. He weighed only 18 ounces at birth and measured only 10 inches long. The doctors only gave him a 50% chance of survival. AJ spent the first 2 1/2 months of his life in the hospital's NICU. After 71 days, AJ came home with us weighing 4 pounds.
I had no clue what was in store for us. I had never even spent any time around babies, much less had one of my own that was so tiny and dependent!
I am happy to say that AJ is a true miracle. He has been released by all but one of his specialists, and is testing in the normal range developmentally for his adjusted age. (Adjusted age is how old he would be if he had been full term.)
Every day is a new adventure, hence the beginning of this blog...