Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Feeding the Kitty

AJ is becoming quite the little helper. The other day he decided he wanted to feed the cat. A little background on the cat -- she doesn't know she's a cat, and she doesn't like people. She doesn't even particularly want to be in the same room with AJ. He, on the other hand, is completely fascinated with the cat.

He opened the cabinet where we keep all the cat stuff. Took out a couple of bowls and lined them up on the floor. Then he grabbed a can of food and placed it (can and all) into the bowl. Then into the living room where he held a very animated conversation with the cat lounging on the back of the couch.

When the cat ignored him (as cats are often wont to do...) he came back into the kitchen, picked up a can of food and took it with him. I found him standing next to the couch holding up the can of food to the kitty.

Another quick AJ/Kitty story:
A couple of days later, Daddy and kitty were playing with a straw. They tired of the game, and the straw was laid down....somewhere....Next thing we know, AJ is chasing the cat while waving the straw at her.


"Aunt" Kathy :-) said...

What a cute story!!!! AJ is a smart little guy....and adorable too!

Melissa said...

Love the Kitty story! AJ sounds like a clever little guy. ~ Melissa

Nicobella said...

OHHHH I just love the new AJ Blog I sure hope I never lose touch with you guys! I can just imagine him doing all of those things. I miss the cute little guy. Helloooo Yaklin family! love, Nanny Nicole