Friday, July 31, 2009

A New Reality

Well, we did it!

Last Friday we closed on the sale of our house and on the purchase of our new home. The previous owners of our new house are just the most AWESOME people! They have been so accommodating through this entire process of cancelled contracts and extended option periods...and I think I mentioned that they threw in the fridge, desk, and guest bedroom furniture into the deal.

Well, they showed up at the closing with a housewarming gift for us! They also mentioned that they had left a "few other little things" around that they thought we might like. Right off the bat, I noticed the two huge beautifully framed pictures that were still hanging on the walls. And the sprinklers, hoses, and hose racks left in the yard. Then, when the refrigerator was being filled, we found three (3) bottles of chilled champagne waiting for us!

Their new house has a swimming pool. They said we should come over to visit and bring AJ to swim sometime. Seriously...they are just really cool people...

Closing went very smoothly. Moving, however, became another story. We rented a 26' truck to move everything in. We apparently own more crap than will fit on a 26' truck, so we had to fill up all of the vehicles of our helpers, also. We made a caravan to unload at the new house. Then Hubby and a couple of guys went back in the truck to pick up the straggling pieces. We got a phone call a few minutes later...the transmission on the 26' truck went out. So everyone headed out with pickup trucks to transfer the rest of our stuff. By the time my dad drove up in his pickup, the brakes were smoking...Saturday morning they had to find a repair shop. Several hours and almost $500 later, we were back on the road.

Unpacking is going pretty well. We have some final "organizational-type" items that we will purchase this weekend to help with the process. AJ has been rediscovering toys that have been packed for a while, and LOVES his new playroom and bedroom. He is settling well into his new school, too.

It's starting to feel like home.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Getting Bigger

As we prepare to move into our new, much bigger house, I pause to reflect on how much bigger AJ seems these days...

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Super Mustard

*sigh* My son is strange. I know he was doomed to be, given his genetic makeup, but some days he's a little odder than usual.

On Sundays, we stop for breakfast at the Kolache Factory on the way to church. This weekend, AJ sat playing with the mayo, mustard, and salsa packets while eating his food. You may have heard me talk about his conversations with inanimate objects; today it was the condiments. Each of the packets had their own personality and voice. They talked to each other, posed, interacted, etc. Many of them morphed into superheroes. (What can I say? He's a little boy...) By folding the packet in half, he could turn it into a "mouth" and "talk" with it. Waving them around in the air, they flew around fighting the bad guys. (salt and pepper shakers?) He was so distracted with his play that he didn't notice his Daddy was leaving.

I turned around from refilling my drink to see my husband standing in the doorway yelling to AJ across the restaurant, "AJ! Put Super Mustard down and get in the car!"

I never really thought I would ever hear anyone say that...

Friday, July 03, 2009

Happy Birthday!

I have spent my entire life being told I look just like my husband tells me that I'm just like you (he thinks that's a GOOD thing!)...I happen to think that's a great compliment.

Happy Birthday, Mom! Thank you for everything you have shown me and for the great influence you have been on me and my family. We love you very much.