Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I'm just tired...
I have several new projects at work because we are completely re-branding the company. We put our house back on the market last Wednesday, so everything has to be "show-ready" before we leave the house at 6am every morning. I have about 4 different travel clients who are waiting for more research and pricing. AJ has a little virus that has him in coughing fits several times during the night. That, of course, wakes me up each time. We decided to take him to the clinic after school yesterday, but the NP said she heard some wheezing and referred us to the urgent care center. So we went to get some dinner first. (We couldn't go home, because the house was being shown some time between 5:45pm and 7:45pm). Get to the restaurant to find out that it's "Spirit Night" for one of the elementary schools. The place was jam packed with people. We took AJ to the urgent care center after dinner and had to wait inside the examination room for an hour before anyone came in to see us. So, the NP comes in, examines AJ, listens to his lungs, has AJ cough, listens to his lungs again, and declares that "the wheezing goes away when he coughs...just have him cough...he's just got a little viral thing going on." Which I interpreted to mean "there's nothing wrong with your kid, dimwit. He's just got a cold."

Given everything going on, I didn't get to eat anything all day yesterday until about 6:00 last night. So my blood sugar is probably out of whack. THAT always improves my mood...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Monday, February 02, 2009

Jesus has an office

So last week on the way home, Hubby and AJ were having a discussion about his grandparents. AJ followed really well, until he asked about Grandma (Hubby's mother).

Hubby: "Well, she's gone home to be with Jesus."
AJ: "In Heaven?"
Hubby: "That's right."
AJ: "Why?" (because every statement ends with that question when you're 4...)
Me: "Well, she got really sick."
AJ: "Why didn't she go to the doctor?"
Hubby: "Well, she DID go to lots of doctors. But sometimes the doctor can only do so much."
AJ: "And Jesus helps the doctors?"
Hubby: "He sure does."
AJ: "And maybe the doctors got tired..."
(Pause to put car back on the road after veering off from laughing so hard)
Me: "Could be..."
AJ: "So Jesus has an office in Heaven?"