Monday, February 02, 2009

Jesus has an office

So last week on the way home, Hubby and AJ were having a discussion about his grandparents. AJ followed really well, until he asked about Grandma (Hubby's mother).

Hubby: "Well, she's gone home to be with Jesus."
AJ: "In Heaven?"
Hubby: "That's right."
AJ: "Why?" (because every statement ends with that question when you're 4...)
Me: "Well, she got really sick."
AJ: "Why didn't she go to the doctor?"
Hubby: "Well, she DID go to lots of doctors. But sometimes the doctor can only do so much."
AJ: "And Jesus helps the doctors?"
Hubby: "He sure does."
AJ: "And maybe the doctors got tired..."
(Pause to put car back on the road after veering off from laughing so hard)
Me: "Could be..."
AJ: "So Jesus has an office in Heaven?"


KimboSue said...

LOL. With a window view!

Anonymous said...

Yes he does and a few on earth too! A couple of Sundays ago, before class, my grandaughter asked who I was talking to in my office (it's attatched to Children's Church). I told her I had a few things to talk to Jesus about. When the class began to get a little rowdy she told them "Don't get in time out. Jesus is in there!"

belinda/shuttle mom

AJsMom said...

I LOVE that! Too funny!