Monday, December 04, 2006

Mission Aborted

Well, we put AJ in underwear all weekend and tried to do some intense potty time. Here is how it went:
8:00am - I actually managed to get AJ to go poo poo in the potty. While we were celebrating and putting his undies back on, he peed all over the bathrom floor.
9:00am - AJ has been cuddling in my lap watching cartoons when I notice that both of us are now wet.
10:00am - Got AJ to sit on the potty for a while with no results. He wanted me to carry him back into the living room. On the way, he peed on me again.
noon - Sent AJ to potty before we leave the house to pick up food. Take a change of clothes with us to run to Taco Bell. Standing in line at Taco Bell waiting to order, I look down and AJ is standing in a puddle.
naptime - We put him down in Pull Ups for a nap. I leave for the store to run errands. I get a phone call from Daddy to tell me AJ went pee pee in the potty when he woke up from nap.
afternoon - We have now gone through all of AJ's long pants, and have put him in shorts. We're doing LOTS of laundry.
dinner - We're all a little stir crazy, so we decide to go to James Coney Island to eat. Again, pack extra clothes for AJ. This time I take him to potty right before we leave, then again right when we get to JCI. No results. Two bites into dinner, I see large wet spot on AJ's pants.

Sunday - Daddy decides to stay home with AJ while I go to church. Have to change AJ's clothes twice before I leave the house at 9:30am.
Sunday evening - We have decided that maybe we are a little premature on this. Go out to buy some more diapers. We don't want AJ to start seeing this as a punishment or something bad. He obviously is not ready to tell us when he needs to go potty.

This is going to take some more time...


nikki said...

I feel you! I've been trying to potty train my 2 and half year old for the past 6 months with no such luck. He wants nothing to do with it. Poo-pooing in the potty scares hime to death!

Anonymous said...

Boys are harder to train. Out of the blue he will start going on his own. At school, Kayleigh would get a small "treat" if she went and that started her going asap!