Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Quiet Time Out

Call it what you will ... quiet time or time out ... I'm not sure we're getting the hang of it. We've watched "Nanny 911" and "Supernanny" and even have the "Supernanny" book. We give the warning after the bad behavior, put him in a quiet spot one minute for every year old, and make him apologize afterwards. Now whenever AJ does anything wrong and gets scolded, he says "quiet time" and heads to the corner on his own. We have to tell him to come back -- that he hasn't been sent to time out. He hugs an apology when you first take him to the "naughty spot", before he has even sat down. What are we doing wrong?


Jenny said...

I think it's what you're doing right. He's able to calm himself down and think rationally amazingly fast! Or he's just manipulating you.

AJsMom said...

I would hope he is too young to be that good at manipulation, but he does still use the cute smile and wave "hi" when he is in trouble.

Anonymous said...

I see nothing wrong with what you are doing. I think he is very smart, when you tell him that he knows to go calm down for a second and he does...thats wonderful! I could only wish for that with my kids.