Monday, December 11, 2006

Find the Baby

Grace Community Church in Katy hosts "Journey to Bethlehem" every year on the church grounds. It's a really neat walking tour of several vignettes leading up to a live nativity. We decided to take AJ there on Saturday night. He was really interested in watching the camel, the donkeys, and the goats...more so than actually paying attention to the story. Along the "journey" you meet fellow travelers, including Roman soldiers, census takers, Magi, and shepherds. They are all looking for a baby they have heard was born. I kept leaning down to AJ telling him, "let's go find the baby." He would say "find the baby" and be ready to move on.

On Sunday morning, he was watching cartoons when a goat came on. AJ pointed at the television and said "Jesus?". I think he may have missed the point of the story....he now associates goats with baby Jesus.

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