Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Santa Claus, the Sequel

We took AJ back out to Katy Mills last night to try the Santa thing again. Since we went last week, AJ has been noticing Santa's pictures everywhere and pointing them out. He'll say, "Santa" and kiss the picture. Reasonable assumption would be that he's okay with Santa now.

Uh uh. Reasonable does not apply to toddlers -- particularly stubborn two-year-olds.
Before we left the house, we asked AJ "you wanna go see Santa?"
"Okay let's go."
We get to the mall..."wanna go see Santa?"
"You wanna go get your picture taken with Santa?"
We get to the Santa display...AJ holds onto me with a death grip.
"Can you say hi to Santa?"
"You want Mommy to sit on the bench with Santa?"
"Will you come take a picture with us?"
"Look, Santa is giving you a candy cane. You want a candy cane?"
"You wanna shake Santa's hand?"
"Santa gave you some candy. Wouldn't it be nice for you to take your picture with him?"

We ended up just going to eat dinner instead.
AJ=2, Santa=0.


Heather said...

Too funny! AJ=2, Santa=0. Poor Santa!

Anonymous said...

Kayleigh does the same thing. Chuck E Cheese is the worst, at least Santa knows to walk away...the dang rat keeps following her! (Ya I know its just a high school kid getting his kicks out of making a little girl cry!) LOL


AJsMom said...

With AJ's reaction to Funship Freddy on the cruise last month, I'm afraid Chuck is COMPLETELY out of the question.

It's like Robin Williams said a long time ago about Mickey Mouse and Disneyland...."Mickey Mouse to a two-year-old is a 6 foot f**in RAT!" I'm not ready for that yet.

Jenny said...

Ha! Can't say I blame him.

I'm a little scared of Santa myself.

Don't tell.