Friday, December 01, 2006

Hi! I'm in trouble

AJ has recently developed a new habit, and I don't know where it came from. When he has gotten in trouble (and possible got a swat), he'll scream and cry. Then he'll look up at us, wave, and say "HI" with a little grin.

It's kind of a neat way to diffuse the tension. Whether he does it on purpose or not. Hard to stay mad and frustrated with someone when they're being so gosh darn cute.


Jenny said...

They learn manipulation so early, don't they?

Hailey will be having a fit and then I'll say "Hey, let's go play" and she'll smile and say "OKAY" and start singing. Totally trying to play me.

AJsMom said...

They wait to see how you are going to react, then change their reaction in contrast. For example, falling down...if you rush over to make sure he's okay, the waterworks start. If you just say "uh oh", he rubs his head for a second and goes off on his merry way.