Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Reverse Trick-or-Treating and Vampires at School

Halloween is over....YAY! AJ looked absolutely adorable in his clown costume even if he wouldn't leave the red nose on. There would be a picture posted here, but the batteries are dead in the camera and the pictures are locked inside. AJ had a couple of parties at school. During morning snack time, they put on their costumes and trick-or-treated to the other classrooms. During afternoon snack time, they had juice boxes, cookies, and fruit. One of the other children bit AJ on the back of the neck during playtime. They put ice on it for a while, but there is still a big bruise on his neck. Must be the Halloween thing....biting on the neck is a first for us.

After school, I picked AJ up and took him to the church for Heroes night. Daddy acted in a skit, and after the program, about 165 kids went "trunk or treating" in the parking lot. AJ's clown costume was again a big hit. AJ went to each trunk, said "tukteet" and held up his bag. After the first few trunks, he would go up to the next trunk, reach his hand into his bag, and try to give candy back. Thus is born the new fad of "reverse trick or treat".

It was a long day. AJ was so enamored of his costume that he wouldn't let us take it off. He passed out in the car on the way home. I finally managed to remove costume and clothes from a still-sleeping kid. He woke up long enough for me to let him down to go say goodnight to Daddy, but he walked straight to his bed, crawled in, and lay down. Daddy and I said "Night Night". AJ just waved at us through the bed rail and said "bye bye".


Jenny said...

Was the biter dressed as a vampire?

AJsMom said...

I don't know. They, I suppose, don't ever tell you who has been going around gnawing on your child for fear of retribution. But it is now Thursday and AJ still has red teeth marks on his neck.

Maybe one of his little girlfriends was trying to give him a hickey?

AJsMom said...

Hey, wait just a minute Jenny! I seem to recall a comment you posted after AJ's birthday that he looked good enough to eat. Was is YOU chewing on my baby?! :)