Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Santa and Funship Freddy

It seems AJ has developed a phobia of Santa and large costumed characters. We thought it was kinda cute that he was afraid of the Funship Freddy mascot on the cruise. During the Camp Carnival Talent Show, AJ was much more interested in watching Freddy's every move with great suspicion, than with actually participating in his class dance.

Last night we went out to Katy Mills to have AJ's picture taken with Santa again. He did so well last year, and we got such a cute picture. This year, however, AJ didn't want to have ANYTHING to do with Santa. He didn't want Santa within 6 feet of him. I felt bad for the poor Santa -- he really tried to engage AJ, but AJ would just scream and look away.

Guess Daddy's idea of an annual Santa picture is going to have a gap...

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Jenny said...

Hailey's the same way. We just bought her a santa hat and took pictures of her in that.