Monday, November 06, 2006

Wanna Potty

We bought AJ his very own potty this weekend. He apparently took that to mean that he needed to potty CONSTANTLY from that point forward. We set it up in the spare bathroom and he would run to the bathroom door yelling "wanna potty". We pull down pants, remove the diaper, let him sit on the potty, he would play instead of doing anything in the potty, I'd get him up, put on a new diaper, pull up his pants, go back into the living room. Then five minutes later -- "wanna potty"! Off we go to repeat the process. We spent most of the weekend in the bathroom. Of course the one time that I made him get up before he wanted to, he peed on the floor....I know it's a case of the boy crying "wolf" (or potty), but I just know that the one time I ignore his question would be the first time he would have actually DONE anything in the potty. So I guess I will just spend the foreseeable future hanging out in the bathroom. At least I quickly broke him of thinking that if he was sitting on the potty, that I had to be sitting on the big potty too...

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