Thursday, November 30, 2006

Potty Progress

Since we have been gone for two weeks on vacation, then Thanksgiving, AJ seemed to have lost his progress on using the potty. He has been in diapers all week at school. He was sat on the potty at school, but hadn't done anything there.

Last night AJ decided he needed to "help" me potty and followed me into the bathroom. While I was sitting there, AJ pointed at his potty, said "potty", and started pulling down his pants. He kept getting up and down for a while, so I figured he was just playing again. Then he went over and tried to flush the regular toilet. When I looked down I saw that he had actually went pee pee in his potty. Since there was no flush handle on his potty seat, he was trying to flush the big potty.

This weekend we will try to put him in his underwear for the first time. Fun, fun, fun...

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