Monday, October 30, 2006

Start the stripper music

I have been trying to reinforce the pre-potty training exercises that they have been working on at school by letting AJ sit on the toilet at home. When we were gone out to eat lunch yesterday, I ask him if he needed a clean diaper. We went into the restroom and he headed straight into one of the stalls and started pulling down his pants. He didn't do anything while he was sitting on the potty, but at least he's making progress.

Last evening I heard the toilet seat banging and went to investigate. AJ was in the bathroom. He had lifted up the lid and the toilet seat, and was trying to climb onto the toilet. I got there just in time to keep him from sticking his foot in the water. While I was getting everything reorganized, AJ climbed into the bathtub, completely removed his pants, and was trying to turn on the water in the tub.

Guess I'm gonna have to start keeping that door closed now...

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