Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Transition Time

AJ started transitioning into his next classroom this week, and it looks like we have some practicing to do! In this class, the kids eat in the cafeteria with the rest of the school instead of their classroom. There are no more sippy cups (I see a lot of wet clothes in our future). AJ will have to put away his own toys when he is finished playing with them. The room is divided into different "stations". Throughout the day, the kids move from station to station for a set period of time. They can play with whatever is in that station, but must stay in that station. No more running crazy around the room. And the strangest thing to me -- stand-up diaper changes! They start potty-training here, and there is no changing table. At potty time, the teacher takes each kid into the restroom, lets the "trainers" sit on the potty, then changes their diapers while they are standing up. I have tried this. IT'S NOT EASY! How do you keep him from walking away while you are holding his shirt up with one hand and trying to put on a diaper with the other hand?

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Jenny said...

I take Hailey shirt tail and tuck it into the neck of her shirt so I can have two hands free for the diaper change.

PS. Pack an extra set of clothes for him. Now that Hailey's into the sippy cups she goes through 3 sets a day at school!