Monday, February 26, 2007

Weekend Fun

On Saturday we took AJ to the BBQ cook-off and carnival. Some of Daddy's colleagues gave us an invitation to one of the tents. We wook AJ over to the carnival to see how he would react to all the noise and lights. He thought that was the most fantastic thing he's ever seen. He got to ride the 150-foot tall ferris wheel (which of course stopped at the top), and the kiddie roller coaster. While he was riding the roller coaster with his Dad, he looked up and said "I 'cared". Daddy: "Are you scared?" "Yes" "Are you having fun?" "YES!" He rode the ferris wheel and the roller coaster twice. He also went through the fun house, which he has deemed "stupid".

On Sunday, we got up at our usual early time and watched PBS kids while getting ready for church. Two blocks from the church we hear an odd sound from the back seat. I turn around just in time to see AJ throw up all over himself. After four waves of it, the poor baby was just worn out. I was set to sing that morning, so they dropped me off at the church since we were so close, and they headed home. I got a phone call a little while later. They had made it home, but Daddy did not have a key to get into the house. And the spare key we keep in the van was not there. They were stuck. I had a key, but no way to get back the 20 minutes to take it to them. A few minutes later, I started getting voicemails and text messages from the alarm company. Daddy had apparently broken into the house.

When AJ woke up from his nap, he was a completely new man. We went outside to pull weeds and work in the yard. He was running around, laughing and having a great time. Until he tripped in the middle of the street and skinned his knee really badly. Daddy took the screaming kid to get cleaned up and bandaged. A little while later, he was outside playing again. Poor kid tripped again! This time he scraped up both knees. Then at bedtime last night he was carrying his pillow to his room and tripped over his Little People Noah's Ark. That left a bleeding scratch all the way down his shin.

We sent him to school this morning and hope they don't think we've been beating him.


min said...

It just wasn't Aj's day! poor guy. I hope getting to go to the carnival made up for it

Jenny said...

Poor AJ! He's having a rough week. At least he didn't get arrested for being an accomplice when his dad broke into the house, right.

PS. We were at the carnival Saturday too. Hailey loved it!

AJsMom said...

AJ is now wearing his boo boos as a badge of honor. And he's such a little boy -- picking at the scabby knees!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Goodness! When it rains, it pours! The Princess had a day like that once. She fell off her bike and skinned up both knees and an elbow. Then she proceeded to trip on the patio and bust open both scabs on her knees, take out the other elbow and her chin! That was a pleasant afternoon!

Hope the week got better for him!

AJsMom said...

Well, now he has an ear infection. Apparently all the snot he has been drowning in has travelled to his left ear.