Thursday, February 15, 2007

Still Alive

Yes we are still all alive. Just extremely busy. We have 23 shows this month, not counting just the small "one-off's". Many days I'm not exactly sure which way is up!

We got a note from AJ's teacher on Monday asking us to call her. I finally MAYBE figured out what it was about yesterday (Wednesday) when I just happened to find a copy of an Oh-No Report from Monday that no one told me about. Apparently AJ has been aggressive with his friends and consistently tells his teacher "no". This is the same thing we have heard from her since she became AJ's teacher. He constantly says "no" at home, too. We put him in time out -- when that doesn't work, he gets one swat on the butt. Short of beating the child (which I am sure CPS would have issue with) I just don't know what else you are supposed to do with a stubborn two-year-old. His communication skills are still greatly lacking, and I'm sure a lot of it comes from frustration. Most of the time, I can end the meltdowns by distracting him with something else.

As for the "aggressive" behavior, she's just going to have to be more specific. What exactly is he doing? I can't very well punish him for something at home for something he did that morning at school that I didn't see. We won't put the two together.

Offer a suggestion for a solution or stop just complaining to me that you are letting a two-year-old defeat you. The complaints are not news anymore -- he is stubborn at home too.


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