Monday, February 19, 2007

Farewell to Fred

Farewell, Fred...seems we hardly got a chance to know each other...

We bought AJ a one-gallon aquarium on Saturday afternoon and let him pick out a male Betta fish to put in it. We got the aquarium all set up on Saturday, but left Fred the Fish in his store container for 24 hours to let the water settle. While I was gone to choir practice yesterday afternoon, Hubby introduced Fred to his new home. Seems Fred didn't eat all of the food that we gave hime Satruday night, so his water was looking quite polluted. Fred didn't seem to like it much, and by the time I got home, had already started looking rather lethargic. By bedtime, Fred was just kind of looking sickly and floating in the corner vertically. AJ wished him a merry "night night Fred" and went off to sleep.

We got up this morning to discover that Fred had passed away during the night. Hubby gave him a proper ceremony in the bathroom. AJ still walked up to the fish-less tank, pointed, and said "fishy".

He's really broken up about it all.

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