Thursday, February 08, 2007

My corns

AJ's speech seems to be getting clearer every day. I can actually understand about half of what he is saying now. When we got home yesterday, I took him out of the car, he grabbed my hand, and said "Come on." Apparently we were going to play outside and I was required to go with him. We wandered down the street looking at kids playing and listening to dogs barking. He wanted to go look at the dogs. And there was one house about midway down the block that he wanted to go inside to play there. I distracted him with a bug crawling across the sidewalk. I was able to get him to walk back toward our house by telling him we were looking for more bugs.

What we found in our yard was not bugs - it was acorns. Or "my corns" as AJ calls them. AJ picked through all of the acorns on the ground to find the cracked ones. Then he would peel them open to get to the "baby tree" inside. Then he had me pick him up so he could put the "my corn" back on the tree. We did this (over and over and over) until it started getting dark.

When we went back inside, I asked him what he wanted to eat for dinner. He went immediately to the table and sat down in his chair. Pointed to the kitchen and said "I wanna eat!" When I asked him what he wanted to eat -- "CHICKEN" (pause) "NUGGETS". Didn't have any chicken nuggets at home (having just returned from vacation), so we went to Wings 'n More where he had fried pickles with ranch dressing (which he calls hot sauce), and chicken tenders and french fried with gravy.

WARNING -- AJ double dips.


Jenny said...

That was awesome!

"My corns"


Kate said...

It's so nice when they start communicating. You get to learn about their personalities and learn about the world from a whole new perspective.

AJsMom said...

He just talks nonstop in the car now. He'll babble for a few minutes, then say "okay?". I have absolutely no idea what I keep agreeing to. But it's kinda cool that he wants to include me on his little adventures. I must be his favorite!

Stephanie said...

Wow. I remember when my baby sister --who's now 21 -- went through a stage when just about the only thing we could understand from her was, "It's not fair!!" and "MINE!!"

Oh, yeah, and what Jenny said! Hee!!

AJsMom said...

Yeah, I'm getting REALLY tired of hearing "no" and "mine". Who's bright idea was it to teach this child how to talk?