Monday, January 08, 2007

Stage Fright

I still haven't captured any still images from the Christmas video, but I can at least let you know about AJ's debut as a ring bearer this weekend.

James' cousin asked AJ to be one of the ring bearers for the wedding. We made no promises, but she was okay if he didn't actually make it down the aisle. It was mainly about the pictures for her.

AJ did really well during the rehearsal on Friday night, and he was a HUGE hit at the rehearsal dinner where he did the Cotton-Eyed Joe and Schottische (sp?). The wedding was held at 2pm on Saturday afternoon, but they needed to be there at noon for pictures. First recipe for disaster -- that is major NAP TIME! AJ fell asleep on the way to the church, so we had to wake him up after only about 45 minutes to get dressed and take pictures. He acted like he was terrified of the bride's dress and didn't want to be anywhere near her. It was Santa and Funship Freddy all over again...The maid of honor picked him up and backed him toward the bride without him seeing her, so they managed to finally get a picture together.

Ceremony time...AJ was supposed to walk down the aisle with the flower girl and another little ring bearer, Slade. When it became obvious to AJ that everyone was watching him, he froze. Slade started having a complete meltdown tantrum and refused to go down the aisle. I knelt down next to AJ and told him to take his pillow to the maid of honor (he had been all over her all weekend), but he just whimpered a quiet "no". I saw hubby squatting between the first two pews, so I told AJ, "there's Daddy. Go take your pillow to Daddy." At that point, AJ unfroze and SPRINTED down the aisle! Hey, he made it to the front. I guess doing it at a full trot still counts.

Here's a picture of my two handsome men before the wedding:

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