Friday, January 26, 2007

Little Mooch

So we're sitting at the table having a normal dinner. AJ has done well with eating most of his, so I decide to go ahead back into the kitchen to get us both some garlic bread. I usually make 4 slices -- 2 for Daddy, 1 1/2 for Mommy, and 1/2 a slice for AJ. While I am sitting back at my plate, pulling some apart for AJ, he reaches over and grabs my entire slice off of my plate and starts eating it! Daddy just about fell out of his chair laughing. AJ is munching away, and I sit trying to figure out where I lost control. On the bright side, though, he did give me back the crust...

We can have the EXACT same thing on each of our plates, but AJ always steals food off of mine. Why does it always taste better from Mommy's plate!

(This morning at 1:00am, I hear my name. I open my eyes to AJ standing next to the bed holding up a book for me to read...) The reason I am unhealthy: (1) hunger (2) sleep deprivation.


min said...

I think you've stumbled onto something. Mommies never get to eat all their meals, which makes us snack in between and that's why we put on the pounds. It's for our own survival.

Jenny said...

Yep. I end up eating Hailey's fattening kids meal since she eats so my of my meal.