Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Randomness About November 18

Guest blogger: AJ's Dad

November 18 is Albania Independence Day, Haiti Army Day, Oman National Day, and YWCA World Fellowship Day. Go out and celebrate!

On November 18 the Roman Catholic Church memorializes the dedication of the Basilicas of Peter and Paul in Rome.

On November 18, 1307 William Tell shoots an apple off his son's head.
On November 18, 1793 the Louvre in Paris officially opened.
On November 18, 1894 the first newspaper Sunday color comic section is puplished. Consequently on November 18, 1928 Mickey Mouse debuts in NY in "Steamboat Willie".
On November 18, 1932 "Flowers & Trees" receives the first Academy Award for a cartoon.
On November 18, 1960 the Copyright office issues its 10 millionth registration.
On November 18, 1966 US Roman Catholic bishops ends rules against eating meat on Fridays and US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site.

Many, many, popular and famous people (for their time) were born on November 18. I won't list a bunch here, take my word for it. But what I find most interesting is that there is a lot of muscians, composers, singers, etc. born on November 18 (this will come into play soon).

November is International Creative Child & Adult Month (this will also come into play soon).

Finally, on November 18, 196? (thought I was going to do it didn't ya'?) my wife, the person that irritates me to no end, but nevertheless, that I love entered this world in Houma, Louisiana (my gosh, I didn't marry a native Texan!). For those of you who read Cindy's seven facts about herself you know that she is a percussionist. However, Cindy is very gifted and talented in music (hence why I find it interesting that many muscians, composers and singers share her birthday). And, while she won't freely admit to it, living with her all these years has shown to me that Cindy is very creative. Consequently, Cindy has provided to me the greatest treasure of my (our) life: my four year old son, who is proving to be equally, if not more, creative than Cindy.

I hope that you will all join me in wishing Cindy a very blessed and happy birthday today! I love you, dear!

PS: May I PLEASE know where you want to go tonight now??


KimboSue said...

Happy Birthday Cindy!

AJsMom said...

You forgot that November 18, 1978 was the day that Jim Jones and his followers died in Jonestown, Guyana...

LaRay said...

Happy Birthday Cindy!! Please tell that man where to take you to dinner, he's driving us nuts! LOL

Margie said...

Happy Birthday, Cindy!!!! Hope you have an EXTRA fabulous day!

Scary Mommy said...

Happy (belated)Birthday Cindy! Hope it was a good one!

Nicole said...

Happy Belated Birthday Cindy! Hope you had a wonderful day! Where did you end up going?


AJsMom said...

For those who are still wondering - we ended up eating at Taste of Texas...YUM.