Friday, November 21, 2008

Mommy, You're Wrong

That kid is just getting too smart for his own good. He's taking all of the fun out of me playing with him.

At dinner Tuesday night, we saw a bronze statue of a cowboy outside the restaurant. AJ noticed it and made several comments about it. On the way out to the car after dinner, I told him "say goodbye to the cowboy."
His response: "Mommy, he doesn't talk. That's just a statue."

Yesterday in the car on the way home from school he was playing with an Elmo puppet that he took for show and tell. When his Daddy asked him something goofy about Elmo, AJ's response: "Daddy, Elmo is just a toy."

See? Just humor me sometimes, okay?

On the bright side, my birthday was on Tuesday, and AJ made it rather special...
Daddy: "AJ, where do you want to take Mommy for her birthday?"
AJ: "To a ress-raunt"
Daddy: "Which restaurant should we take her to?"
AJ: "uuummmm...McDonald's!!"
(We ultimately ended up at Taste of Texas...)

AJ also kept telling me that it wasn't my birthday if I didn't have a party hat. And he wanted to know if I was going to have a "bouncy thing" (moonwalk).

Biggest gift: While we were sitting at dinner, AJ WROTE HIS NAME!
(well, okay, his "J" was upside down, but it was the first recognizable letters he had ever written for me)


KimboSue said...

awww....he is growing up!

DUH parents - statues and toys can't talk!

AJsMom said...

Wonder where he gets the smart aleck personality from?