Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Where are your teeth?

Conversation had with AJ while strapping him into the back seat after school yesterday:

Me: "What did you do today?"
AJ: "I cried in time out. WaaaaWaaaa! Miss T* put me in time out."
Me: "Miss T* put you in time out?"
AJ: "No."
Me: "You just said Miss T* put you in time out. What were you in time out for?"
AJ: "I did not have my teeth on J**."

School policy says that they call the parent if there has been a biting incident. I got no call from them. I have no idea whether my kid bit his friend or whether he's just making stuff up again...

Later that evening:

Me: (noticing an insect bite of some sort on his leg) "AJ, what happened to your leg, sweetie? Did you get a boo boo?"
AJ: (closely examining his leg) "I need a band aid. A car did it. A car hit me on my bone. It was a black car. Look at my bone."



Stephanie said...


Where does he get this stuff??!!!

(I'm laughing hysterically, here!!)

AJsMom said...

I asked Miss T* about the time out yesterday afternoon. She said she never put him in time out, nor did she ever see him with his teeth on anyone.

On the way home, we were talking and he told me "uh, whatever..."