Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fashion Critic

Apparently my three-year-old (who wants to wear his cowboy boots with shorts) has turned into a fashion critic.

Before we went on vacation a couple of weeks ago, I went out and bought some new clothes. I went down to the hotel lobby one morning where AJ and Daddy were having breakfast. AJ looks at me funny and says, "Mommy, why you wearing THAT shirt?"

This weekend we went to my parent house to visit. Sunday morning, my Mom came out dressed for church. AJ looks at her funny and says, "Granny, why you wearing THAT shirt?"

My Mom asked him what was wrong with her shirt.

AJ's answer: "It's FANCY... I don't like those flowers."


Anonymous said...

Oh he is so cute! I guess my 5 year olds kicked it up a bit and they tell you "Its not your color, and you should go change" man you just have to love them. Hope you had a good time on your vacation!

xoxo Nicole

KimboSue said...

LOL! Maybe he should look at some of DADDY'S SHIRTS!!

AJsMom said...

On a brighter note, AJ told me this morning that he likes the shirt I have on today....