Monday, July 21, 2008

Bouncy Things

So if there's food and cake, it must be someone's birthday, right?

Well, if you're AJ, that's what it means. We went to a friend's wedding on Saturday. I got AJ to behave by telling him that there was going to be cake later. Just as he was finishing his slice of cake during the reception, he turned to me with a concerned look.

"Mommy....we forgot to sing the birthday song!"

I told him to go tell Aunt K* (the bride). She acknowledged the slip and told him she would fix it. It just so happens, the groom's birthday was the same day as the wedding, and she was planning to have everyone sing "Happy Birthday" to him anyway...

About 20 minutes later, AJ inquired of me. "Mommy, where's the bouncy thing?"

"Well, sweetie, there's not a bouncy thing today."
"Where is it? Is it outside?"
"Nope. There's not one."
"Well where is it?"
"Aunt K* doesn't like to bounce..."
*completely baffled* "She doesn't like to bounce?! Why?!"
"Well, sweetheart, it gives her a tummy ache."
"Oh. Okay."
And off he went, satisfied with my answer...

And with that, I get one baby step closer to being struck down by lightning...


KimboSue said...

You LIED in CHURCH?! How dare you!!

AJsMom said...

If I'm going to hell (which I'm not), it would be for stuff a lot worse than trying to appease a pre-schooler.... :)

nikki said...

Oh, how I love the innocence of children. AJ's questions were so sweet. How did you ever keep a straight face?