Friday, January 18, 2008

Too Much Stuff

Packrats should never marry other packrats. They give birth to baby packrats. Then it all spirals completely out of control...

I am in the process of "de-cluttering" our house so we can put it on the market. We evidently need a bigger house, because we now have too much stuff to fit in the current space.

Honestly, though, we have a tiny yard. Now that AJ is getting bigger, we need to find somewhere he can run around and be a kid. We are also operating our travel agency out of the guest bedroom. Which works fine unless you actually want to have some guests.

The past couple of weeks have been a trip down memory lane as we have cleaned out the attic and found things from our childhoods that we still can't bear to part with.

This is going to take a while...


mommiebear2 said...

I have complete faith in you that you will totally de-clutter! Lots of luck to you and Hubby with the travel agency!

nikki said...

We packrats should have a secret handshake or something.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with the house on the market...or soon to be! I am right along with you, I am not tossing half my stuff even though we are thinking about moving. I have so many boxes put away for the kids of their toys and even clothes. Stay strong, I know you can get it the way you want it to be!

xoxo Nic and Jay

Dr. Ding said...

Hoo golly. I am convinced that clutter enters into our lives thru some kind of portal via another else to explain its peculiar and tenacious properties? ;)

Good luck, hunny.

P.S. It took me awhile to find your blog after MamaDrama, but I'm glad I did! :)

Dr. Ding