Monday, January 07, 2008

Fashion Don't

I think I have completely ruined my child's sense of fashion. Anyone who has seen AJ knows he's pretty skinny and really has no butt. It's very difficult to find pants to fit him. He is 3 years old, but his waist fits better into 18 month pants. We bought him some 24-month, but they would just slide right off of him within a few steps. Unfortunately, he is starting to get taller, so many of his pants are turning into severe "high-waters". A couple of months ago, we went to The Children's Place and found some 24-month jeans with an adjustable waistband. They fit him perfectly.

So yesterday, I was getting him dressed for church and put his jeans on him. He looked down and declared, "Mommy, they're too long!" I kept reassuring him that they were fine. But, poor baby, was practically in tears...and kept repeating "but they're too long...too long, mommy."

It was really kinda sad.


mommiebear2 said...

Awwww. I think I have told you before but we have the same problem with Taylor still and he is about to be 6. Waist-wise 2t's are perfect but practically stop at the knee, so he needs a 5 to fit those long legs and of course, he has no butt either. Must be a preemie thing. ;)

AJsMom said...

IT would be much easier if he could wear a belt. But belts on someone who is mastering the potty alone may be a little much to expect.

LaRay said...

Those adjustable waist bands are the best invention! I will never buy Shauna pants that aren't that way anymore. You can even find them at Target too, although I'm not sure they are prevalent in the toddler section. Gymboree carries them as well and there is an outlet at Katy Mills!

Margaret said...

Please - no capri pants for the little boy... please. :)