Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Sitting at home

I awoke this morning to day four of being a single mom (cuz hubby is out of town). He won't be back from New Orleans until late tonight. Anyway, I woke up AJ to get ready for school, and he started the hoarse, "barky" cough at me. Yippee!

At 6:00am I was doing a breathing treatment. Our first in well over a didn't help, apparently that's not what's wrong. I asked AJ if his throat or his ears or his nose or his chest hurt (all separate questions, of course). I was told no to every area. He wasn't running a fever, and wasn't acting sick at all. There was just this cough. I tried to give him some cough medicine. He held it in his mouth and spit it back out all over the white shirt he was wearing. Yippee!

Then I noticed that his left eye was all red. Yippee! Yelling ensued as I (tried to) put a drop of Vigamox in his eye. Now we're definitely going to the doctor.

AJ wants to go to church; not to the doctor. As we waited to leave for the pediatrician, AJ kept calling me into the room to tell me, "I all better now. I not choking anymore. Don't need a shot."

We left at 7:30 for the doctor's office. We (thankfully) haven't had to go there in a while. Unfortunately, during our absence, the doctor moved her offices. I vaguely remembered her telling me that she was building new offices in Cinco Ranch. I drove around the area for a little while until I found the new building.

AJ goes bouncing into the waiting room without a care in the world. The ladies at the desk look at me like I'm just paranoid. I'm beginning to think that myself. AJ is playing with the train table in the waiting room and yelling "ALL ABOARD!"

Little consolation....AJ really is sick. He has a left ear infection and pink eye. I'm not going to work today, and he won't even act like he's sick. He told me the doctor gave him pink eye.

It's going to be a long day...


mommiebear2 said...

Oh no! Mine always perk up after a dose of Tylenol, but as soon as that wears off theyre usually back in bed. We haven't had pink eye (knock on wood) yet in our household. Will you still be coming this weekend?

AJsMom said...

Doctor says he's back at school after 24 hours on the eye drops. He has never had any fever with this and has been running around playing and watching TV all morning.

I am definitely still on for Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Well at least he feels ok to play! We haven't had pink eye either, knock on wood! xoxo Nic

nikki said...

O my, sounds as if he's not even feeling like he is sick! Don't ya just love breathing treatments? Aaron's been getting them since he was 7 months old. Fun times, fun times.