Monday, July 23, 2007

Elmo is Zeus

AJ seems to like his Spanish class every week at school. Yesterday as we were driving down the road, AJ kept repeating, "Hola, amigas" over and over again. We were on our way to church, so this was often interspersed with "I wanna see Jesus. I go to Jesus house."

So we started playing with him on other phrases. You know, to stop the monotony or obsessive repetition....So Daddy tried to get him to say, "Te amo". Things progressed, and eventually we hear "Elmo is Zeus!" from the back seat.

Elmo is Zeus = Te amo, Jesus

Makes perfect sense, doesn't it?


min said...

Ha-ha! Where do they get this stuff from. That is the cutest thing! Write that down in his baby book!!! NOW!!

AJsMom said...

Some of these conversations are getting pretty deep. I'm glad I've got blogging freinds to help me translate.