Friday, May 11, 2007

Is it so wrong?

Is it so wrong that I am about to leave on my 3rd cruise in 6 months? I REALLY need this vacation...
Hubby and I have started a new business -- we are now travel agents on top of our full-time jobs and parenting a headstrong 2-year old. I'm exhausted, but it's kinda fun. We've had some successes lately, and look like we may be able to grow this someday to hopefully more than a hobby. Keep us in mind when you need a break~

AJ mas made MAJOR progress on the potty-training front. The Friday before we left for the funeral, he decided to start going pee pee standing up. This is working much better. We have had several days now with only one sometimes 2 accidents a day. YIPPEE! I'm so looking forward to the raise I will get by not having to buy diapers or pull-ups.

It's pretty hysterical to watch, though. He stands in front of his potty chair, pants around his ankles, leaned over with both hands on the wall in front of him. It looks like he is ready to be frisked by the cops. When he finishes doing his business, he pushes down the lid on the potty, stands on the top of it, and does a little victory dance. Then he climbs down and announces "I wanna prize!" VERY glad the whole "potty prize pack" thing is so successful.

So, now that he is trained, AJ will be allowed in the swimming pools on board the ship next week. He'll enjoy that.

Thirteen of us will be leaving Galveston on the Carnival Conquest on Sunday. Monday and Tuesday are sea days. Wednesday we are in Jamaica, Thursday in Grand Cayman, and Friday in Cozumel. Saturday is another sea day. Back in Galveston on Sunday.

Daddy and son have matching t-shirts to wear when we board the ship on Sunday. Since Daddy is an IT (Computer) guy, his says "Version 1.0". AJ's shirt reads "Version 2.0". Cute, huh?

So I will be out of touch again for a while...but hope to have great pictures upon my return.

Have a great week.


Jenny said...

A victory dance on the toilet! Bwahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Cayman was my fave!!! Hope you are having a great time! Look forward to seeing pictures!