Wednesday, December 09, 2009


I seem to be missing a lot these days...

- I haven't been posting on my blog
- I haven't even been reading other blogs...and that's odd considering for a while I was checking them several times a day...
- I am missing having a job to go to every day
- I am missing my motivation

My routine used to be: get up a 5-5:30am, get self and AJ ready to go, drop off AJ at 6:30am, carpool with hubby to work, get stuff done at work, carpool home with hubby, fix dinner, watch TV with family, do a few chores, get AJ to bed, do a few more chores before bed at 10pm.

My routine now:
hear hubby's alarm go off at 5am, stay in bed while he gets ready and leaves for work, let AJ sleep in until about 6:45am, get both of us ready to take him to school, drop AJ off some time before 8am, come home, check Facebook, check email, check online job posting resources, clean house, watch TV...on my really exciting days I actually do the grocery shopping after I drop AJ off at school.

I REALLY need a job...I feel like I am killing more and more brain cells each day...

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Aly said...

oh my goodness! i know how you feel! i feel so lazy doing nothing all day, searching for jobs on the computer. i really wish i could just dress spiffy and go out and impress bosses with my personal charm. instead i fill out application after application and seem to get nowhere.
im glad you found a new job though (in the post above). congrats!