Wednesday, November 04, 2009

On the Lookout

On October 15th I was laid off from my job with absolutely no clue that it was coming. I hadn't been happy for several months, and just earlier that week, Hubby told me I should start putting out feelers to look for something else. Then we had a connection group meeting at our house and I asked for friends to pray for some clarity regarding my job. That clarity came less than 12 hours later when I was laid off.

What to do? Sit around and wallow and feel like a victim? Worrying what we would do without my income and a new house? OR

Look at it as the opening for something even bigger and better that God is setting up for me. Spend more time getting involved in AJ's school. Rest and reflect on what I would really like to be doing.

Someone wise reminded me this weekend that I only have limited space in my life. The past and the future cannot occupy the same space. So you have to move the past out to make way for the future. So I'm putting the past behind me and waiting anxiously to find out the next step.

I have sent my resume out to lots of different places. But in my industry, this part of the year is very slow. I have sent out to other opportunities, but haven't had much luck yet.

I know there is something really good coming. I just have to work on my patience...But I must confess, my attitude and stress level have improved greatly.

Whatever is on the horizon?



KimboSue said...

YAY! What a hopeful post! Mucho luck to you in your search and hope that it lands you at your dream job!

Jennifer said...

It is always funny to me how God answers prayers. He is just showing you that there is something better in store. Your friend's advice has come in handy for me this week as well. Thanks for paaing it on.