Monday, April 06, 2009

Lions, and Grasshoppers, and Bears...oh my! (UPDATED)

I am having the hardest time keeping that child of mine in pants. He's so scrawny (and has no butt) that ones that are long enough for his mile-long legs...well, those just fall off. So I have to locate pants with an adjustable waist.

Then he comes home with holes in the knees of his jeans. I asked him what happened to his pants. His answer? "A lion bit them off". "Really? And did the lion bite your leg too?" "No. Just my pants."

While getting dressed, he noticed a small "boo boo" on his leg and pointed it out to me. Jokingly, I told him to stop hurting my baby. His answer? "I didn't do it, Mommy. The grasshoppers and mantis did it."

So why is the animal kingdom after my child?!

Seriously, the imagination on this kid...I can't keep up with all of the things he says and does that I tell myself to remember to blog about.

UPDATE - I just found a rip in the left knee of the pants AJ wore to school today. They were perfectly fine when he left home this morning. I'm not even going to bother asking what happened this time...(he's now down to only one pair of khakis and one pair of jeans that do NOT have a hole in the knee.


KimboSue said...

That is too funny!

LaRay said...

I remember when I was a kid, a store (I think Sears) made jeans for little boys with these patch things in the knees. I guess I understand why now!