Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Day at the Doctor

Every three months I have to go to the doctor to get two vials of blood drawn and a new refill order for my prescriptions. The blood test has to be done while fasting, so I always make my appointment first thing in the morning, either the first or second patient appointment.

And then there was today...

Doctor's office opens at 8:30am. My appointment was for 8:45am. Remember this time. I have not eaten anything since 7:30pm last night. (Note: When diabetics get hungry, they get a little cranky and irritable.)

8:30 - arrive at doctor's office in time to fill out new data form for new year.
8:45 - still sitting in lobby. Request lab order form so I can have it already filled out to save time.
9:10 - am finally called back to exam room for vitals.
9:45 - have paced a hole in the tile floor waiting to be seen
9:50 - call husband on cell phone to vent frustration
10:15 - I have finally had enough. I open the door, stand in the hallway, and say (rather loudly), "All I need to have done is a blood draw. I have been sitting in this room for an hour!" Scared nurse goes into the next exam room and pulls doctor out. Doctor decides to talk to me and draw my blood himself.
10:20 - I am in my car leaving to go back to work.

Can anyone tell me why I bothered making an early appointment! (Over 15 hours without food makes me not a happy camper!)


KimboSue said...

You make early appointments so you don't have to become a bitter, angry diabetic that is without food for many hours at a time. WHOOPS - that happened didn't it? I would pack a snack next time to have IMMEDIATE RELIEF when the draw is over!

LaRay said...

Kudos to you for saying something. I can't tell you how many times I've sat in my gyno's office naked from the waist down for an hour just wanted to stick my head out and yell for someone to come see me!! Maybe next time I'll take a lesson from you!

nikki said...

It's like when pregnant women have to wait for their ultrasound appointment with 40oz of fluid in their bladder. Bastards.