Thursday, November 01, 2007

Where Are Your Parents?

Other people's kids irritate the crap out of me. This was extremely evident at the Fall Festival we took AJ to last night. Turns out it was just an arena filled with about 8-10 giant inflatable moonwalks. The place was overrun with kids (and unfortunately adults) who have no consideration for the fact that they weren't the only ones there to enjoy themselves. Kids were allowed to run completely wild with no parent in sight. More than once, AJ was frightened to even go into a moonwalk because there were older kids in there fighting, wrestling and generally trying the tear the place up. And NO ONE SEEMED TO CARE! Where are these kids parents? What are they being taught other than to push everyone out of their way to get what they want? More often than not, we ended up carrying AJ around to keep him from being trampled by packs of kids on a sugar high.

And did I mention that this was a church-sponsored festival?! So. Not. Going. Back. AARRRGGGHHH!!


min said...

I saw some of those eerie "carnivals" going on at a couple of the churches that my car crept by last night. I remember thinking, you'd have to pay me a million bucks to go in one of those places! Truly, it looked horrifying...and I'm not talking about costumes...I'm talking about the crowd!

Jenny said...

This is why we don't do the moonwalks. I've seen too many insane big kids trying to pop the darn thing.


Margaret said...

my neighbor kids must have been at your fall festival party.

I still want to throw stuff at them. But Mark won't let me.

AJsMom said...

There has to be SOME time that Mark isn't around watching... *wink wink nudge nudge".