Thursday, November 15, 2007


I so TOTALLY got busted by a three-year-old last night.

I was experimenting with some baked spaghetti for dinner. We sat down to eat dinner. AJ took one bite of his food and said, "I want a meatball."

Me: "Sweetie, there's a meatball in there. Mommy just cut it up for you."

AJ: (digs around in the bowl for a bit) "Mommy that's not a meatball -- that's PEPPERONI!"

Hubby smirks in my generally direction and mutters "busted!" under his breath at me.

I had never heard AJ use the word "pepperoni" before...I guess the days of him believing everything I tell him are gone...and he's not even a teenager yet...

And you wasn't even really about him catching me in a lie. It was the snarky tone of his voice when he did it!


Kelly Malloy said...

I hate it when they catch on!Pretty soon you won't even be able to spell things across the table anymore!

Margaret said...

Ummm...cut up meatballs are nothing like pepperoni. Sheesh... I can't blame him. :)

I love it!!!