Monday, August 13, 2007


When we went to pick AJ up from school on Friday, a letter was waiting for us. We always figured AJ would change to the next class (300) when he turns 3 at the end of September. I was not prepared for a letter saying that starting next Monday, he will be promoted not to Room 300, but to Room 350! They're not waiting until his birthday. The promotion letter explained some of the changes AJ will have in the next class.

- They will primarily work in groups of 4 children who will rotate together through different "centers", with specific tasks to complete in each center. When they complete the tasks, there are "free centers" they can choose to play in.
- Centers will include phonics, writing, library/ listening, gymnastics, music, computer, and Character Counts. (That sounds like a neat program...)
- They will have a daily 30 minute Spanish lesson.
- They want the kids to be there no later than 8:30am and stay until 5pm to get the most out of all the rotations.

My baby is growing up too fast. His Daddy was trying to get him to say how old he is this morning. (Trying to get him to say 3.) AJ kept answering "I'm five!" Halfway to the school he declared that he was 6, and by the time we got to school he said he was 7.

I wasn't prepared to have to deal with this yet! Geez, I feel old....


Jenny said...

Hailey's moving up with the three year olds early too.


AJsMom said...

What happened to our babies? It makes me feel old...I want me cuddly sweetheart back.

Stephanie said...

Yikes, that kid is growing fast!!! 7????!!!!

mommiebear2 said...

Congrats AJ!