Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I'm boring

Hubby told me my blog post yesterday was boring. Duh...My life is boring right now, so I can't find anything to write about.
Last night AJ pooped in the bathtub. He told me he wanted to go, but I couldn't pick up a wet baby out of the tub fast enough to put him on the potty. He has been dry all night for the past 3 nights, and yesterday he actually came home in the same clothes he went to school in. That means NO ACCIDENTS! And no laundry needed. He has only had 2 accidents in the past week. I call this major progress, people!
Gratuitous toddler picture...

Toddler in a box!

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reevesfarm said...

Poop in the tub, uggggg, glad we are past that. It wasn't that that bothered me so much as when our oldest would take her poo filled diaper off and then redecorate her room with the contents. Have you ever tried to get poo out of wicker........

Good Luck!