Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Open letter to the vandal(s) in my neighborhood

Dear hoodlum:

I'm not sure why you decided to get your jollies by spray painting profanity on the back of our car while it was sitting in our driveway on Saturday night. Thank you, though, for only getting the paint on the window and not on the car itself. That made it much easier for my husband to waste his Sunday afternoon scraping paint off instead of spending quality time with our son. And by not damaging our paint job, you have only committed a Class C Misdemeanor. Congratulations on that achievement. I'm sure you'll do better next time.

Really...I know since I live at the end of a dead end street that makes me more of a target. What with less traffic and possibility of getting caught...When I move in a couple of years I will try to move onto a major thoroughfare. I apologize for leading you into temptation.

P.S. Might I suggest you get a dictionary? If you are going to paint profanity on a stranger's car, you could at least SPELL IT RIGHT! Geez....


Melissa said...

Sorry about your car. I really wish kids would find better things to do. About a month ago when Rhonda and I were on our way to Bible study, there was a paintball sniper staked out somewhere around Gulfgate. Rhonda's truck was hit. We couldn't figure out what in the world the loud "thud" was until we saw several other vehicles bearing a yellow splatter. It washed off easily. No damage done, except to Rhonda's temper. She's very protective of her precious truck!

AJsMom said...

Luckily James was able to scrape it off the window with a little effort. He had it all cleaned off by the time I got home from choir practice. But now we're paranoid every time we walk out the door.