Wednesday, March 14, 2007

One Track Mind

Sometimes I wonder whether being a toddler is similar to having mild OCD. AJ just gets to fixated on one thing (or word) and just beats it to death. Repeating it over, and over, and over, and over, and OVER...

It's Wednesday. We have had a new phrase or word of the day every day so far.
Monday we went out to Katy Mills. We did not know that there was a carnival set up in the parking lot. We spent over an hour hearing nothing but, "I 'na see da ferr weel, I 'na see da ferr weel, I'na see da ferr weel, I 'NA SEE DA FERR WEEL..." You get the idea?It got so bad that I had to trick him as we were driving home. We went out the back side of the parking lot so we didn't have to pass the carnival again. However, it was still going to be visible from the entrance ramp. I sat in the back seat next to him, picked up a toy, and distracted him by making him look my direction instead of out the window....I'm so mean!

Tuesday after school we stayed outside to do some yardwork. The garbage collectors were running late yesterday, and didn't come down our street until about 5pm. AJ had never seen a garbage truck before and somewhat freaked out over the beeping noise it made while backing up. After a couple of minutes, he got used to the truck. New phrase for the next hour -- "I 'na garbig tuck...I 'na garbig tuck...I 'na garbig tuck....."

This morning for the entire way to school we hear THIS from the back seat, "hi...hi...hi...hi...hi...hi...hi...hi...hi..."

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Stephanie said...

We went on a family vacation when my brother -- who's 15 years younger that me -- was a toddler. A driving vacation. To Indiana.

I blew up a balloon for him at a rest stop. He played happily while we were there, but before we left, it hit something in the grass and popped.

When we got in the car, he asked, "Ball-oo?" I told him, "It broke, Honey." For 300 miles, we heard, "Ball-oo? Boke, ho-ney, boke!"

Yep. Feel your pain.