Monday, September 18, 2006

Puppies for Breakfast

I will be very glad when AJ finally begins to speak clearly. But life won't be nearly as funny.... On Saturday morning AJ starting pointing toward the kitchen saying "eat". I asked him what he wanted for breakfast. He said something that sounded like "puppies". I just stood there scratching my head wondering where the puppies were (since we only have a cat). So I asked him "what puppies?" He just kept repeating "puppies". After about the fifth time, I realized that maybe he was trying to say "breakfast". When I asked him "breakfast?", he got a big smile on his face and started applauding. He was so proud of his stupid Mommy finally figuring it out.

As for the "Mommy" thing...I apparently have a new name. Instead of saying Mommy now, AJ replaces the middle "m" sound with an "n". I am now "Money"! I hope that isn't prophetic. This child is already very expensive!

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