Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Like a day at the beach...

Since we are going on a cruise in November, we decided we should see how AJ would react to the beach. So we went down to Galveston on Saturday. He wasn't too sure about the water, but really enjoyed playing in the sand. Daddy took him out to wade in the water -- that was fun. AJ liked destroying Daddy's sand castles. I took him along the beach to pick up sea shells; until he ate one! I saw him put it in his mouth, but by the time I got him to open his mouth to let my fingers in, all I found was crunched up shell. Guess he needed some calcium is his diet!

Of course sand was EVERYWHERE! During his bath, he kept putting his hand under the running water, then reaching up to touch the faucet. After a while we realized he was copying what Daddy was doing....he'd put his hand under the water to test the temperature, then reach up to adjust the faucet.

Monday (Labor Day) was a trip downtown to the Children's Museum. That place is AWESOME! There is an area called the Tot Spot, designed especially for toddlers. AJ was able to touch and play with anything he wanted to without being told "no". There were all kinds of toys and developmental areas. Signs on the walls explain to parents how children play with certain objects and how they learn from their play. Some friends and their 15-month old daughter went with us, and the kids had a blast. There is also a play area outside with jungle gyms, duck ponds, etc. We bought a year's membership so we can take him back any time we get a chance. The museum had lots of different activities that should interest AJ for several years to come. It's indoors, so it makes a great place to take him to play when it's really hot and when it's really cold.

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