Friday, June 05, 2009

And now...the REST of the story

So here's what is going on in our little world...and a followup to my last post.

On Thursday 5/28 we had the inspection scheduled for the new house. We paid for a detailed inspection as well as a termite inspection. A Br.inks guy was there also to give us an idea of what needed to be done to the security system. Everything looks great, we pay everyone, and we head to work.

Friday was our regular day off, and we took AJ to Brenham to the Blue.Bell creamery tour and to make pizzas at a friend's pizza place.

When we pulled into the parking lot, Hubby checked his email and found a message in his inbox "Termination of Contract paperwork". Please tell me I am having a nightmare! The buyer on our house was backing out of the contract AND wanted her $1,000 in earnest money back. She had apparently decided to move out of the country. Seriously? You didn't know this before you started jerking around other families?

Anyway, I had complete meltdown in the parking lot. For three days, I could not even think about the situation without crying. We were suddenly faced with having to find another buyer in 7 days, or lose the option on the perfect house. Need I remind you, a perfect house that we had already spent quite a bit of money on...

Our current house was put back active on the market. Of course, I had already started packing boxes for the move, so we are no where near "show ready."

On Monday, Hubby got a phone call from the appraiser, who did NOT follow the orders he was given, and who was looking for another $350 for the appraisal on the new house. When asked why he didn't call to schedule it with us like he was told, his response was "I don't have to. I don't work for you." Well, then, buddy, I suggest you talk to the people you DO work for to get your money, because I'm not giving you a penny!

I also contacted the listing agent on the sale of our house and told her we were refusing the sign the release of the earnest money to the lady backing out of her contract.

You see, she is claiming her "unrestricted right to terminate for any reason within 10 days of the execution date of the contract." Well, read the rest of that paragraph, lady, and you will see that you only get that right if you paid us the $100 option fee within TWO days after signing. We didn't get the fee until FOUR days after. So sorry - no money for you...

So last night, there is a knock on our door. It was the "terminated buyer's" agent (who lives down the street. He wanted to talk to us to see if we would split the earnest money with the backed-out buyers. Apparently, the buyer's mother got sick in Vietnam and she went back to stay with her. The Buyer's husband is still wanting to buy our house for his father to live in. But they may not be back from Vietnam for another couple of months. The agent explained that they really want to buy our house when they get back. He seemed to be playing the pity card because the lady's mother is sick. Sorry...I have compassion for you...but I also am out a lot of money that needs to be reimbursed.

So as of today, this is the situation. I have a couple of college friends who are real estate agents and have talked the owners of the new house to extend our option period until the end of July. I am terminating our agreement today with the agents who currently have our house listed because they don't seem to be willing to fight for us. We will then re-sign with our friends for both the sale of our house and the purchase of a new one.

In the meantime, we have bought a little more time to find another buyer...and I'm exhausted...mentally and physically...

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KimboSue said...

HOLY MOLY - what a rollercoaster! I am glad they extended you on the new house and hopefully, God willing, a new buyer will be coming by any day now!